As a pet owner, you should ensure your pets are healthy, safe and properly cared for, while also ensuring your pet doesn’t become a neighbourhood nuisance. Find out what cat and dog regulations you need to follow.

Keeping a cat
As a responsible cat owner you should:

  • identify your cat with a collar and tag
  • desex your cat before it is six months old
  • vaccinate your cat annually
  • ensure your cat does not cause a nuisance for neighbours or impact wildlife
  • don’t leave uneaten pet food outside as this can attract pest or stray animals
  • keep your cat inside or secured from dusk to dawn
  • don’t let your pet attack or scare people

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Keeping a dog
Your responsibilities as a dog owner are to:
register your dog before they reach three months of age and every year after that
• always walk your dog on a lead when in a public place, except in off-leash areas
• keep your dog quiet (see animal noise)
• keep your dog in your yard and maintain an enclosure that is appropriate to prevent it going over, under, through or otherwise escaping it
• prevent your dog attacking or frightening people or animals (see dangerous, menacing and restricted dogs)
• pick up after your dog when outside of your home
• microchip your dog in accordance with Queensland Government legislation. More information can be found under new requirements for cat and dog owners
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